January 1, 2013

We found a sweet little pocket of snowy weather for our First Hike of 2013.  As we were coming back down the trail, we could see blue skies over the town, but there were still snowflakes swirling around us.  I told Lonney I felt like we were in a snow globe.  Kinda magical.

And as typical, creative ideas kicking around in my head as I hike along.  And this one I’m following through with: I want to stretch myself with my photography this year, especially with the gear I currently have.  So I’m giving myself the assignment to post a photo a day, with a monthly theme.  January is “50mm.”  One of my constraints is “no cropping,” in order to push myself to compose in-camera.

So here is my first shot.  Hand-held, low-light, wide aperture and 400 ISO.  This Santa is one of my favorite ornaments and I think he’s rather photogenic.  This shot is a nod back to the holidays, and then I’ll be looking forward.

And perhaps along the way I’ll use this spot as a place to share favorite quotes, hopes, reads, ideas, happenings.  We’ll see.

Anyway, yay for beginnings!Image


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