February 28, 2013


Last day of February, I wanted to challenge myself a bit and decided to play with droplets.  So much fun!  I wish I’d tried this sooner.

A swimsuit has been bought.  Now its time to go to the gym with my sweetheart.


February 27, 2013



I find myself thinking of magical ways to pursue my hopes, instead of starting the activities that may get me there. Today, I am so happy and I know that I am fortunate (also, spoiled).  And thankful.

February 24, 2013


I had to sneak my heart into this painting so I could stay current with my assignment. 2-in-1!

Completely enjoyed the painting party!  My sweet daughter-in-law organized this event.  Most of us painted the featured project and then the renegades/artists went off on their own, all with great results.

Chelise and Jeff!

Chelise and Jeff!

Following his muse

Following his muse

Paint, drying

Paint, drying


A good time was had by all at Splash, downtown

February 23, 2013


The folks have come and they helped me set up this shot.  The ring is the very first gift my sweetheart gave me and I still wear it every day.

We went to Uncle Rick’s memorial today.  Pictures of the boys were passed around.  I really want to have a gathering where we can pass around pictures, hear the stories, capture and preserve the memories, without having a funeral to force the issue.  Its so easy to let it go, thinking we still have time.  This spring when the folks come home, we will do this!


The vision did not become the reality with this attempt, so we moved on to a different idea.

February 22, 2013


Please do not make me pose!

I believe I’m starting to lose track of the days.  It has felt like Saturday all day long.  Anyway, this is a quote I shall keep at the forefront to help me make some progress:

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” -John Burroughs

And I did accomplish some small deeds today.  I mailed out the Rose’s package.  I got my pup out in the snow and managed to take my “heart” picture for the day.  I made this recipe for dinner (and leftovers): http://benandbirdy.blogspot.com/2013/02/adobo-carnitas.html.  I entered a giveaway to win a Lowepro backpack.

I remembered that I have so many nooks and hidey-holes to tackle, and that I need to take care of at least one per day.  That is an intention that I shall turn into small deeds.

I will also set up a page or two for myself on this blog to set goals and track progress.  Since I am currently pretty much the only one viewing this, I don’t have to worry too much about being witty or self-conscious.

I can tell I’m now rambling!  And its bed time.  So, off I go.

February 21, 2013

02201321heart copy


A snow day!  It started last night and by this morning I had a driveway buried about 4 inches in heavy snow.  Took Lv to work, then Rio & I went straight to Palmer Park where we broke trail and delighted in being First Tracks.  We took the flats on the way back — we were both tired and Rio had snow packed in his paws.  We met two cross-country skiers.  Its been such a long time since anyone could ski in the local parks.

Came home and was rather scatter-shot with my day.  Caught up (as is evident) on this blog.  Wrapped a box for mailing to E and family.  Played with PSE most of the day, I guess.  Did minimal housework, and need to get it in gear.  The Folks will be here tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll be putting on a roast soon.

So, for my heart today I finally pulled my large Heart Punch out of its packaging and punched a few hearts.  I played with a few arrangements, but I best liked the shadow cast by the afternoon sun.  I used Kim Klassen’s Daisywrap at 100% multiply and 100% soft light, and then inverted Cherishscripted and used it at 49% screen.  Kind of fun.  Makes me think of tea stained fabric.

I’m heading out to pick up Lv; we’re going spinning tonight.  I probably need this!

Very happy to be in the snow!

Very happy to be in the snow!