February 4, 2013



First Day!  I awoke early, made coffee and kissed my husband out the door.  The pup & I got to Palmer Park just before twilight in time for dawn and sunrise.  We heard the owl and the rooster before the sun crested the rise.  Wonderful beginning.

There is a ton to do, so priorities need to be made.  Which is difficult because I’d rather be playing with dolls and lenses!

I am hoping to reserve a cottage next week, but that would mean that someone must cancel.  So I’m sending out good vibes — that someone must change their plans due to a happy event rather than a disappointment.  Fingers crossed!

For today’s image I set up this tiny couple with sugar to help keep them steady, using tweezers to position them.  I took the shot near the end of the day, so I had light coming through the kitchen window.  With an aperture of 5.6 and exposure of .8 seconds, I got a softly lit image.  I used Kim Klassen’s “pourvous” texture to add the scripted background.


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