February 12, 2012


My last full day in California.  These posts have really done nothing to capture the experience.  I got to fill up my heart with Brian and my daughter.  I spent some bittersweet time with my parents nearly every day.  I quite indulged my beach cravings (but really could have spent 100% of my time there if only I could have had my peoples join me).  Felt deeply glad and deeply sad.  Wished for my husband and still appreciated the time alone.  On this particular day, I went to Fisherman’s Cove early in the morning.  It is a great place for finding tiny pieces of beach glass, and on this day I found my first every cobalt and red pieces.  We’re talking about tiny bits of worn down glass, but it feels like treasure to me!  And that evening as I strolled along the beach yet again, the tide brought me a seemingly endless gift of glass as well as a bit of sea pottery, blue and white.  I was quite ready to stay forever, and also just as ready to head home to my pup, and prepare for my husband to return as well.

Feeling quite blessed.




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