February 21, 2013

02201321heart copy


A snow day!  It started last night and by this morning I had a driveway buried about 4 inches in heavy snow.  Took Lv to work, then Rio & I went straight to Palmer Park where we broke trail and delighted in being First Tracks.  We took the flats on the way back — we were both tired and Rio had snow packed in his paws.  We met two cross-country skiers.  Its been such a long time since anyone could ski in the local parks.

Came home and was rather scatter-shot with my day.  Caught up (as is evident) on this blog.  Wrapped a box for mailing to E and family.  Played with PSE most of the day, I guess.  Did minimal housework, and need to get it in gear.  The Folks will be here tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll be putting on a roast soon.

So, for my heart today I finally pulled my large Heart Punch out of its packaging and punched a few hearts.  I played with a few arrangements, but I best liked the shadow cast by the afternoon sun.  I used Kim Klassen’s Daisywrap at 100% multiply and 100% soft light, and then inverted Cherishscripted and used it at 49% screen.  Kind of fun.  Makes me think of tea stained fabric.

I’m heading out to pick up Lv; we’re going spinning tonight.  I probably need this!

Very happy to be in the snow!

Very happy to be in the snow!


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