March 12, 2013 – Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen

If you’ve stopped by via Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, Welcome!

I just reviewed the guidelines for today’s link party –

Tuesday, March 12th’s theme is Anything Goes

What does this mean?

Share a recent favourite photo…iPhone, textured, not textured….

That’s it…that’s all

Wait a minute, Mr Postman!

Wait a minute, Mr Postman!

I’m glad I waited to re-read the parameters, because I originally thought we were to share an old favorite, treated with any of Kim’s textures, and that sent me on a stroll down memory lane.

This is still one of my favorites, especially now that my sweet granddaughter is turning 8 this month.  It’s true what they say, that time goes by too fast:

She has an adventurous spirit

She has an adventurous spirit

I think it’s kind of interesting that, where Kim is Sweetness and Light, I’ve often used her textures to create more of a twilight mood (and I use the word “twilight” in the classic sense — I’ve never read the books):



I guess that is a large part of the community that Kim is creating: encouraging each of us in our individual styles and providing a forum to share ideas.  Thank you for stopping by ~ have a lovely and inspired day!




10 thoughts on “March 12, 2013 – Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen

    • Oh, Thank you! I was just learning to use textures when I was playing with that photo, and it brought out a feeling that I was trying to convey. Have a wonderful day!

  1. Hello my friend!

    I love all your images and truly agree about how being part of Kim’s little community really allows us to express ourselves in any style we go through, as I know my style is always changing because my skills change too.

    I’m enjoying my new home and have tons to do but it’s been important I take more breaks to do stuff like this….

    Sending hugs

  2. Hi Micki … dropping by from Kim’s site … I love her textures, too, and I love your photos here! Such a nice setting for your mailbox, and your grand daughter is adorable! (I’m hoping for one of those in the future! It’s lonely in this ’empty nest’! Also really love the silhouette of the tree .. so beautiful! Great work with the textures! The flower is so pretty … I’m also hoping to see some of them once we get over the rough winter we’ve had this year! Hope you have a wonderful week, and I’m looking forward to dropping in on you again for Texture Tuesday! 🙂

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