Its nearly halfway through January 2014.  Seems like a good time to put a few thoughts into words.

I often read Kim Klassen’s blog posts, and something she does at the start of the year is to choose a word that represents a focal point.  Her post is here: http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/texture-tuesday-my-one-word.html

I’ve decided to chose the word nest for 2014.  To focus, meditate and act on creating a home that nurtures, revives, welcomes and energizes my family and me.  Some of this activity will be going through a bunch of stuff (boxes, drawers, cubbyholes), and sending things off to a new home, or getting them out where we can enjoy them.  Another area is food: planning healthy meals and savoring the time spent preparing and dining.  Finally, by the end of the year (if not sooner) I want to be on track for a “golden years” career.  I don’t even know what that means yet — only that I want to help with our financial goals and also spend my time on worthy endeavors.  Some self-examination is in order!

As part of my meditation, I will get back to regular posting, using this space as a journal.  If anyone is out there reading, my hope is that there may be encouragement in my words, images and links.

As I write “Happy 2014!” my heart is heavy for some friends who will spend this year (and beyond) feeling the deep loss of a family member.  I pray for grace and peace for them, and that joy will find them again.



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