2015 Monthly Goals – it’s a start!

January – hem curtains and re-hang rods at new heights

February – File taxes by end of month – buy external hard drive and transfer all photography files

March – paint guestroom and move office into guest room – paint (former) office and set up guest room

April – start seeds by mid-month

May – prepare garden for June planting

June – plant seedlings – Complete a 1/2 marathon



September – sew Christmas gift bags

October – finish Christmas gifts

November – design and print Christmas cards



January 2nd 2015

Whoa, so nearly a year has passed since my last post!  We’ll see if the trend continues, but I hope not.

So, my sweetheart gave me a sewing machine for Christmas and I’m eager (though intimidated) to get started.  There are chores, of course, like mending and hemming curtains.  But I envision making bags, toys, pillows, accessories using [insert less cliche word than “re-purposed” here] fabric.  And maybe I’ll even post some results here.

The beginning of a new year always stirs up an energy towards goals, hopes, change.  I’d like to ramble on about these things, but instead I think I’ll bullet three things, with a deadline.  Abruptly, here they are:

– Hem those curtains by 1/6

– Make a space for all my cookbooks by 1/5

– Publish a list of monthly goals by 1/5

I’ll pop back in on 1/6 to update my accomplishments.

And now, here is a cute picture.

Mia and Sterling