About Me

I am a wife, mom, grandma.  I hike, swim, eat cookie-dough ice cream, enjoy photography, procrastinate.  I hope to enhance some of these characteristics and improve on others.  I hope to write a better “About Me’ before the end of March 2013!

I set up this blog to provide a structure for a daily photo assignment as well as a diary of sorts.  My January project was to shoot daily with my 50mm in order to better understand how to best utilize its features.  I found that a more dramatic DOF and flattering portraits are the highlights.  Unfortunately, I just broke this lens.  Fortunately, I found a tutorial that might let me put it back together.

February’s assignment is Hearts.  I took a trip in the middle of the month and found myself without internet access, thus letting the blog slip away a bit.  I hope to be back on track to make the most of the remaining days.  There are a few “cliche” images I’d like to produce, including the Book Pages and also the Reflection in a Drop.

I’ve not fleshed out my remaining assignments.  My goals are to become more familiar with my equipment and to expand my creativity.  I will fill in the upcoming months as I determine what I wish to accomplish.

March – tbd – perhaps a rainbow theme with a graduated color each day (kind of like this: http://shuttersisters.com/home/2012/6/1/colour-month.html)

April – tbd

May – Wide Angle lens

June – tbd

July – tbd

August – tbd

September – tbd

October – tbd

November – tbd

December – tbd


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